Waiting is the Worst

I have discovered that waiting for really important things is not one of my strong suits. I can wait for the coffee pot to beep in the morning (and that’s no small feat), and I can wait for the water in the shower to get hot. I can even stand waiting at those red lights that seem to last forever. None of that really bothers me. But, right now, I’m waiting on information that is potentially life changing in a good way…and it is KILLING ME!

I am so nervous and anxious right now that I am dizzy. I know I haven’t exactly eaten anything healthy today, and it’s 1pm now. That might have something to do with the dizziness. I don’t feel like eating, though, because my stomach is in knots.

So, I’ll be here. Going bonkers. Wish me luck that I actually find out today! I’m starting to become frantic!!!


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