Flashback Friday: Me…With a Gun

This is me. Holding a gun. What. The. Heck?

Today, as a rational, educated, 32-year-old married mother of two, I honestly dislike guns for the most part. I mean, sure, if you’re planning on hunting to put food on the table (especially MY table) and you have been trained and certified in all safety areas, then guns really don’t sound so bad. Handguns and other items that belong in your personal arsenal? Nope. Not so much.

I don’t want to get overly political (shocking, I know), so I’ll keep it rather tame (don’t roll your eyes at me). Regardless of all of the precautions my parents took, and even if this were a “relatively” harmless BB gun, this picture still shocks me every time I see it…and I was THERE! That is ME holding a GUN!

I don’t even like my children to play with toy guns, which isn’t to say they’ve never had water guns or the like. I don’t think I will ever willingly give them a weapon of any magnitude, even just to pose in a picture. I don’t want them to be near guns. Perhaps I’m being overprotective, but I’m completely ok with that. I also won’t let my children ride in my lap, “driving” the car…or sit in the back seat without a seat belt, much less a car seat. Maybe it’s not a miracle that my generation and those before me all grew up happy and healthy. I, for one, am glad of the new precautions that we take these days in order to prolong our lives and increase the safety of ourselves and our children. It certainly was a different time just a short 25 years ago, wasn’t it?


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