Just Another Manic Monday

Children, laundry, cleaning, food preparation… today I’m slogging through domesticity, at least to some degree. I find that I’ve been blessed to be able to spend this much devoted time with my young children, but I desperately miss being in a classroom.  I miss it so much that I am literally about to go crazy!

Even though it is the end of the school year, and most of my teacher friends have already cleaned out and locked up their classrooms, I wish I could be with them. In addition to the fulfillment I get just from teaching, I have learned that contact with peers and colleagues on a regular basis is essential to my sanity and general well-being.

To all my favorite teachers out there, I hope you have a wonderful summer vacation! Hopefully I will be rejoining your ranks once again come August. It’s either that or off the deep-end I go…


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