Lack of Job Stress

I’ve had one interview so far. In my heart, I wish that this would be the ONLY interview and that I would be able to walk into the school this fall as a teacher and stay there for many years. In my mind, however, I know that this is probably the first of (hopefully) many…or, at least, several really promising ones.

Then the Doubt Monster starts lurking around. Why should they interview ME, much less hire me? I’m not really THAT experienced, despite my Masters degree. My background, though honest, isn’t spotless. They can probably find someone else that is more qualified than I am. BUT THIS GETS ME NOWHERE!

Trying to be positive while seeking re-entry into my chosen career field is often the most difficult thing I do on a daily basis. Some days I think I would be better off going back to school for another degree, in a different field…like law. I’d make a damn fine lawyer. But, I wouldn’t get to start practicing until the age of 40, at the earliest, because that’s the soonest I would be able to figure out how to pay for all of that additional school, adding debt on top of the craziness I already have from my previous student loans.

I can’t really picture myself doing anything outside the field of education, though. It’s where I’ve always wanted to be. I would love, more than anything, to spend the next ten years in a classroom teaching…preferable a middle school English classroom with special needs. After that, I would like to be the person that tells the schools how to fix the problems they have. I wouldn’t necessarily be the boss, but I would be the person who sees everything objectively and would be able to tell people what they are doing wrong. There are a few schools I can think of right now that I already have suggestions for!

I WILL get a teaching job (again) for this fall, 2011. I am worth it. I am a great teacher and I have so much to offer students and schools! God watch over me, but I know the work has to be done by me. Now, I’m off to scour the job postings!


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